Shanghai Pudong International Airport


By Shanghai Metro 

Shanghai Metro Line 2 runs through stations including Pudong International Airport, Longyang Road, Lujiazui Financial Zone, People's Square and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The ticket prices vary from 3 to 10 yuan according to the number of station.

Pudong Terminal 1


Terminal 1 was opened on October 1, 1999 along with a 4,000-meter runway and a cargo hub. The exterior of the terminal is wave-shaped. It was built to handle and relieve the rising traffic at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The annual capacity of Terminal 1 is 20 million passengers and it now has 204 check-in counters, 13 luggage conveying belts, covering an area of 280,000 square meters.

Pudong Terminal 2 


Terminal 2 was opened on 26 March, 2008. Larger than Terminal 1, it has a similar design style as Terminal 1.

The new building has four floors. The third floor is reserved for international departures, the second floor for domestic departures and the ground floor for luggage claims. The fourth floor provides dining and shopping services, along with hourly-charged hotel rooms and gym facilities. Toilets, baby-care rooms and smoking areas are available on all floors of Terminal 2.

International transit passengers who don't need to claim luggage can go to any of the nine service desks to complete transfer procedures and then move to their departure areas after security checks.

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