Qianwanlong Soy Sauce




A bottle of 500ml Qianwanlong soy sauce is unexpectedly priced at 40 yuan ($5.92). Why is it so expensive? 

Founded in AD 1880 in Qing Dynasty, the time-honored brand has a history of 136 years and was one of the first National Intangible Heritages of the Pudong New Area. The sauce is thick with a reddish brown color, and considered an indispensable ingredient for making master dishes. Qianwanlong still adheres to the traditional production process, still today using only 300 jars for soy bean fermentation leading to a limited production and high price. 

Qianwanlong uses only non-GMO soy beans from northeastern China are used as raw ingredients. It takes a complicated 2-3 year process to turn the soy beans into Qianwanlong soy sauce. Thanks to the exquisite processing, the soy sauce is the color of amber and smells authentically fragrant.

Qianwanlong soy sauce cannot be found in ordinary supermarkets, and must be purchased directly from Qianwanlong Sauce Factory. The factory is located at No 318 Gaoxiang Ring Road, Gaodong Town, Pudong New Area.