Sanyang Pastry in Zhoupu



In the eyes of senior Pudong residents, Sanyang Pastry is a top-grade gift for relatives and friends. A Shanghai intangible heritage, Sanyang Pastry includes Zhuangyuan Cake, Pepper Walnut Slices, Egg Cake, Pour Sliced Cake, Rice Sweets and other pastries. 

Fragrant in smell and sweet in taste, Zhuangyuan Cake uses raw round-grain rice and glutinous rice stored for 2-3 years. Rice worms are utilized to eat the inside of rice grains, and the rice is smashed in a mortar to become the final raw ingredient. 

Pepper Peach Slices use glutinous rice, white sugar, black sesame and walnut, undergoing a complicated process of frying, steaming, roasting and baking. Pour Sliced Cakes use glutinous rice, maltose and shelled sesame in a more traditional process.  

Customers can buy Sanyang Pastry at No 5198 Hunan Highway.