Zhangjiang at the heart of progress

By Zhuan Ti China Daily Europe Updated:2017-05-05

As Shanghai has actively worked to become a scientific and technological hub with global influence, the Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone in the city has been taking the lead in conducting cutting-edge research in the sector.

The innovation demonstration zone has played a leading role in promoting local technological innovation and balancing regional development for years.

The zone comprises 22 industrial parks and 124 sub-parks that are home to different industrial clusters, such as next-generation information technology, advanced manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, as well as energy and environmental protection.

It is also a massive repository for innovative resources contributed by more than 70,000 enterprises in the zone. Over 2,600 of them are high-tech enterprises and more than 1,400 are research institutions.

The zone has adhered to innovation and globalization strategies and sought to build a global innovative environment for fostering entrepreneurship. It has set up a number of industrial parks, incubation bases, research and development centers and incubators in overseas countries.

"Over the past two decades, Zhangjiang has been playing an increasingly important role in boosting innovation and promoting transformation," said Cao Zhenquan, deputy director of the zone's administrative committee.

He noted that the zone will continue to optimize its industrial conditions and create an innovative system to support further development of a series of emerging industries.