New exit-entry policies for overseas talents in Shanghai

sh-italent.com Updated:2016-11-04

4. More relaxed residence permit application for foreign students

The new policy cancels the previous two-year work experience requirement, making it easier for foreign students to apply for residence permits. International students who obtain diplomas at Chinese universities and hold innovative business plans or certificates for startup companies can apply for a two-year personal affairs residence permit.

5. Lower threshold of long-term residence permit application

The new rules also lower the threshold of long-term residence permit application. Foreign workers who have applied for short-term work residence permits twice and abide by Chinese laws and regulations are eligible to apply for a five-year work residence permit on the third occasion. 

6. Simple entry-exit procedures for Shanghai’s non-natives

Non-natives in Shanghai can apply for all types of entry-exit permits, excluding that to Hong Kong or Macao, after showing their residence permits and 2nd-generation ID cards, with no extra credentials required and no more social insurance payment inspection. 

7. Hong Kong and Macao residents can settle in Shanghai

Hong Kong and Macao residents who hold Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents and talents certificates granted by the Shanghai human resources authority, or endorsements of companies identified as technological or innovative, can apply to settle in Shanghai, including their spouses and young children.

8. Overseas talents can hire foreign housekeeping workers

Oversea talents can enjoy the privilege of applying for personal affairs residence permits for foreign housekeeping workers that they hire, when they get their permanent residence permit or work residence permit. Each family is allowed to hire one foreign housekeeping worker. 

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